Book 1 Characters

Episodes 1 - 21

Player Characters

De'Voth Songclever

De'Voth Songcleaver

De'Voth is a guy who is accustomed to being put in a bad position, sometimes of his own creation, sometimes not. He finds himself in Port Peril after being kicked off of the crew of a privateer vessel and is on the hunt for an opportunity. What he'll find in the Formidably Maid tavern may be more than he bargained for, though...

Emmanuel (Manny)

Manny is a fairly experienced sailor and Port Peril native who finds himself in his home town while in between crews. I don't think his next job is exactly what he was looking for, however...

The Masked Helmet

The Masked Helmet

The Masked Helmet is veiled in a mystery that no one really wants to pierce. His history as a House guard pales in comparison to his newfound love of cooking.

Skram Enacra

Skram is a kid who grew up mostly on the streets of Hell Harbor. He got in over his head when he ran afoul of some pirates who were spending some time in port. His travels since have brought him to Port Peril and the Formidably Maid tavern...


Non-Player Characters

Sandara Quinn

Sandara is another traveler that found herself at the Formidably Maid on that fateful night. She has proven to be a stalwart ally for the players and a very useful companion for the group.

Conchobar Shortstone

Cronchobard fancies himself a pirate and dresses the part, though deep down, he knows he's in way over his head. He's stubborn, though, so maybe he will persevere and come out ahead.

Master Scourge

Scourge is the Boatswain (pronounced "Bo-sun" apparently) of the Wormwood, meaning he is in charge of doling out tasks and punishments. He likes the former, loves the latter, and has a passion for the ladies that none of them reciprocate.

Mister Plugg

Mister Plugg is the first mate of the Wormwood with an inferiority complex and a sadistic streak rarely seen among the pirate community.

Fishguts Kroop

Kroop is the father figure the Masked Helmet never knew he needed. As such, Kroop is drunk, distant, and rarely shows up to work, just like Helmet always wanted!

Cutthroat Grok

Grok is the Quartermaster of the Wormwood, and is a powerful half-orc woman that don't need no man (though she's not against finding one for a good time once in a while).


Owlbear is a man of few words. His hobbies include grunting, forcibly standing guard over the captain's quarters, and beating the pulp out of the Masked Helmet.

Barnabus Harrigan

Barnabus Harrigan is the Captain of the Wormwood. He's an introvert who is shy around new crew members, but maybe the group can melt his icy heart, or at least find it.


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