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Meet the Players

Alex Perry

Alex is the Game Master (GM) in charge of this group of miscreants. His task, when not taking care of his two daughters, is to keep the other four knuckleheads in line and as on task as possible. 

Joe Twardowski

Joe is our resident party-er, though Nick will argue that point to no end (please don't get them into it, it's a whole thing...). If you ever need a character that will do exactly what he's not supposed to, Joe's your man!

Matt Couture

Matt is the member of the group that clearly likes to party the least. He spends most of his time in front of an illuminated screen of some sort, from his job to episode editing to gaming to making more characters than he will ever get the chance to play. Who has time to party?

Nick D'Alessandro

Nick is the party layabout, which is surprising considering his job as a chef in the real world. He will claim he likes to party more than Joe, but the pictures speak for themselves.

Tom Szalowski

Tom is the relative newcomer to the group, having only played Pathfinder for the first time when we brought him in from the cold. He already has a better grasp on the rules than Joe, though, but that's not exactly a huge accomplishment.

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